Purple Bamboo Hut

-- Chong Siew Ling

My Shifu (Dharma teacher) is from China. During one of our chats, he suggested that all of us pool some money to buy a piece of land near the mountains. Shifu likes admiring the beauty of nature, he spends most of his holidays (he's a lecturer at Nan-Po-Tuo) at Su-hung, where the mountains and valleys are most beautiful.

All of us were very euthusiatic about this idea. We even discuss how we should layout the piece of land. I think I was going to call my hut 'zi3-zu2-yuan4' (Purple Bamboo Hut). I will grow some bamboo in the courtyard, have a pavement made up with white daisies, every guest will feel very pleasant and relax coming into the hut. Everyday, the river behind the hut sings with its soothing pace and mountain echo the peaceful wind. I think life like that is so simple and perfect.

However, a trip back to China. Shifu came back with a disappointing news saying the land he had actually seen has already been developed for industrial purpose. Sigh.....