Partial Answers?

- John K. Yui (

As a child I have many unanswerable questions ? Where do humans come from ? Where do I origin from ? What is the common link among living entities ? What is fate ? What is the absolute truth ? The purpose of existence and the purpose of my existence ? Through Catholic religion at the age of ten I seem to have found these answers. As I grow older the answers all boil down to one: Faith in God or the words of God through the Holy Bible.

While there must exist many aspects of truth in the Bible it is not truth in totality because it stands on one leg - Faith, a total subjective belief. My inqusitive mind begins to search for better answers, higher level of understanding of myself, my enviroment, my own behaviour, extending out to this planet's relation to other stars, constellations and ultimately, the universe. Would a "conditioned, tainted " mind be able to find the answers ? Of course not.

Through my beloved father I have learned some teachings of Buddhism. The principle of "Cause and effect" has become reasons behind the physical phenomena, but also negated "accidental" occurrences. The law of impermance has bared the true state of everything, from existence to extinction to emptiness to rebirth, matters and mind alike. Duality itself is a false thought -- and the root cause of all suffering.From these two simple rules I learn to cultivate myself to be free from attachments, desires and to engage in rightful acts. The tool used would be meditation. Buddhism has brought my mind to a state of bliss, in harmony with the world/universe because the subject/object relationship seem to have disappeared.

I still don't have the answers but, until I am englightened, my PATH to the ultimate truth will continue, maybe for zeons of years !

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