Spinning the mantra of compassion via USENET

  1. You post one article with the mantra included in your .sig.
  2. The news servers are UNIX machines that operate continuously.
  3. Each news server saves your article to a hard disk which rotates 5400 times per minute.
  4. There are 100,000 news servers in the world.
  5. Your article is available for about a week, then expires.
The math: (5400 rotations/minute) x (60 minutes/hour) x (24 hours/day) x (7 days/week) = 54,432,000 rotations per article per news server.

If there are 100,000 news servers in the world, the mantra would spin 5,443,200,000,000 times before the article expired, or over 5 trillion times.