While I was at UCLA, D.T.Suzuki (the famous Zen scholar, writer, master, etc) came to visit. They set up the Regents auditorium for him. So we were all there, the audience all excited, and out came the head of the Oriental department. The audience all quited down. The Head introduced "Here is D.T.Suzuki, world class Zen scholar, writer, master, etc..here he is!"

We all sat in silence. This little guy comes out to the mike. Adjusts a pair of Glasses. This is him, we've seen pictures of him before, but he looks smaller and etc. He reaches out and taps the mike.

A hollow ping sounds though the hall. He says "Zen Buddhism, Very hard understand, Thank you" and walks off stage.

The audience went crazy! There was a mad struggle backstage, and then The Head lead Suzuki back out, a couple of the department professors with him. They set up some chairs, sat Suzuki down and asked him questions for an hour so everyone would be satisfied.

But I can still hear his voice "Zen Buddhism, Very hard understand............ "

(Written and contributed by Jonathan Greenlee)

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