Interesting articles on Buddhism

In this section, I present articles on Buddhism which I judged to be "interesting". If you have written or read an interesting article and would like to share it, please give me an email. You will have the right to decide whether to remain anonymous, and whether or not you want your email acct to appear here.


The Universal Teaching of the Buddha -- S.N. Goenka
A great article about one of the most important meditation techniques in Buddhism, by the most respected living Vipassana teachers today.  A must-read!

Freedom behind bars - Vipassana in prison
See how Buddhism is changing the minds and lives of  some prisoners.

Meditation Taught to Prisoners -- David Foster
Similar program as the one above, in an American jail.

A Therapy Gains Ground in Hospitals: Meditation

General Buddhism

BBC World Service on Buddhism
An outstanding series of articles on Buddhism by the BBC World Service, perhaps the best source of news in the English-speaking world.

Buddhism, An Introduction. -- John Powers
Very long, but very good read!

About Buddhism
Short and readable intro from Canada

A summary of some of the ideas of Siddhartha Gautama -- Dan Dexter

Draft of a Very Brief Introduction to Buddhism -- Gerald Grow

Buddhism and Science -- Ven (Dr) K Sri Dhammananda

Buddhist issues in some technical detail

Self and No-self -- Tan Chade Meng
What does "no-self" mean?  Meng offers a simple explaination.

Right and Perfect Paths -- Tan Chade Meng

Psychological State Changes in Meditation -- James Kempf

Basic Points Unifying The Theravada and the Mahayana -- Ven Walpola Rahula

The International Buddhist Flag

Fun stuff!

Karma in action? -- (Anonymous)
Amazing story about Karma in action.  It's a hoax, but a good read.

Row Your Boat Mantra -- Todd Barton

Monk-eying around with felines (Jumping cats in a monastry)


Graeme Lyall's articles -- Graeme Lyall

Articles from "Skillful Means" -- Various authors

About Phra Prachak -- Foo Hee Boon (Contributed by Vidya Soon)

The Buddhists of Eskdalemuir -- Reprinted from the Electronic Telegraph with permission.

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