Sharing Joy

-- Ayya Khema

Joy with others is also good kamma-making. I was in a little village once where there was a special bell attached to the temple. Whenever anyone in that village had some good fortune, they would go and ring that bell. If the harvest was brought in, or the daughter got married, if someone came back from the hospital, or a good business deal had been arranged, if the roof had been reshingled, anything at all that gave then joy. When the bell was rung everybody would come out, look in the direction of the person who was ringing the bell and say, 'Well done. Well done.' The one who was ringing the bell was making good kamma by making it possible for the others to share his joy. The others were making good kamma by sharing another's joy.

Taken from "Being Nobody Going Nowhere" by Ayya Khema.

(Contributed by JoAnne Bondy)