How to get your visitax to Cancun quickly?

Cancun is a popular vacation destination for tourists from around the world. To enter this city in Mexico, the visitax becomes mandatory for visitors. The payment of this new tax can sometimes be complicated. However, there are several procedures to quickly obtain your visitax receipt for Cancun. Discover here, 3 possible procedures.

Fill out the online form

The first option to pay a visitax Cancun is to fill out the online form on the Mexican government website. This method is the fastest and easiest, because it can be done from any computer and from any country. All you have to do is fill out the required information, pay the fee online, upload a copy of your passport and send it off. Once the form is submitted and accepted, you will receive an electronic copy of your visitax that must be printed and presented at the airport upon arrival in Cancun.

Follow the procedures at the airport

If you forget to fill out the online form before you leave, you can also do so at the Cancun airport upon arrival. However, this will take more time as there are often lines, and it is best to arrive at the airport early to avoid delays. You can also find out how the service works in advance. This will allow you to prepare yourself better and save time.

Filling out the form from home has many and more advantages than mentioned above. There is the fact that you will not forget your papers at home.

Going to the Mexican Embassy

In case you live in a country where there is no online service to fill out the form to obtain a visitax, you can also go to the nearest Mexican embassy to fill it out and pay the fee. This will also take more time than the previous options, but it is an option if you prefer to fill out the form in person. However, make sure your documents are valid.