Meng's top favourite Buddhist sites

Ven Pannyavaro's BuddhaNet
The most outstanding Buddhist site I've ever come across. Beautifully done and highly informative, it even comes with an on-line meditation guide! Truly a masterpiece.

Access to Insight
Gives a good introduction to Buddhism and a very good overview of Buddhist history, the Pali Canon and many guiding principles. Also contains a wonderful and comprehensive collection of Theravada scriptures. Outstanding!

DharmaNet International
One of the oldest, and still one of the best Buddhist sites around. DharmaNet is one of few websites that pre-dates this site. Lots of good information. A site not to be missed.

Finally, What do you think, my friend? (ie. this site), of course. ;)
They say websites are like babies, your own are always the best.

Excellent Buddhist sites

Vipassana Meditation - The Art of Living
Mr S N Goenka is one of the most respected and successful Vipassana teacher of today. This is a site about his meditation centers. Recommended for all those looking for a meditation center.

Buddhist Studies and the Arts
A well constructed site with an impressive collection of links to Buddhist art and a good overview of Buddhist sites.

Dharma the Cat
Every good chef knows that Buddhism mixes well with humor. Sprinkle some cartoons to that combination, and you get this lovely site.

Ten Bulls
No doubts about it, everybody loves the Ten Bulls metaphor. No bull.

Buddhism in Ottawa
Simple, clear, comprehensive.

Buddhist Reading Room
This page may look deceptively sparse and simple. But it contains some of the best Buddhist articles and most important scriptures one can find. One stop shopping for the busy Buddhist!

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