My e-Reader : where to find the best e-readers or ebook reading devices

Today, we find a variety of e-readers or e-ink reading devices online. It is therefore not difficult to make a mistake in making your choice when you know very little. It is with this in mind that certain sites such as My e-Reader have been created. This is a site bringing together a multitude of e-readers and practical and complete ebooks. By going to My e-Reader, you will discover a comparison and a detailed guide on all the models available from brands such as Bookeen, Vivilio, Kobo or Kindle.

Learn more about the best eReader brands

Are you interested in acquiring an e-reader? Or do you want to know everything about the different models and brands of e-readers available? The site is the ideal destination to get all the information you need. 

Once on the site, you will find several brands of readers that can meet your needs. However, you should know that they are not all accessible in France. If your goal is to acquire an e-reader and benefit from a French guarantee, here are the brands that can meet your expectations : 

  • Kobo like Kobo Nia, Kobo Libra 2 or Kobo Clara 2E ; 
  • Kindle : regarding the readers of this brand, they are specific to Amazon like Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Scribe or Kindle Oasis ; 
  • Pocketbook like InkPad 3, Pocketbook Color or Pocketbook Touch Lux 5 ; 
  • Nook which is an e-reader brand from Barnes & Nobles. 

In the United States, these e-reader brands, Kobo, Pocketbook, Kindle (Amazon) and Nook, are also the most popular e-book brands with online readers.

Choosing your e-reader : how to ensure the best choice ?

After discovering a little more about your e-readers, do you plan to treat yourself to one ? Even if this is the basis before any purchase, you should know that when it comes to e-readers, you will need more than that to hope to make a good choice. 

Indeed, you must first ask yourself certain questions to make sure you make an appropriate choice. By answering these questions, you will be sure to make your choice according to different criteria to take into account :


Here, the question to ask yourself will be what budget you can make available for your purchase. If you have a budget of less than $130, you can afford a good e-reader. 

Nevertheless, if you wish to acquire an exceptional model, the budget that you will have to plan will have to be higher than 200 dollars. Otherwise, you can also have simple models from 99.99 dollars if you wish.

Screen size 

As for eReader screen sizes, they start at 6 inches. However, you can go up to 10 inches if you wish. The difference between a 6-inch e-reader and an 8-inch or larger e-reader is that the latter comes with much better reading comfort.


Most e-readers are designed with lighting so you can read at night. There are even recently new models that have a blue light filter.


Voice synthesis is a very advantageous option that makes it easier for readers to get started with the e-reader. Be aware that very few e-readers have this option. You can therefore take this into account when making your choice.


Do you like to read by the pool, at the beach, in your kitchen or even in your bedroom with a drink in hand? The ideal is to opt for waterproof e-readers. They are more expensive in terms of cost, but remain more solid in use.

The colour 

Among the e-readers available, you will find some models with color screens. In addition to being few in number, these models remain the most expensive on the market. For example, you have the Pocketbook Color reader that you can buy in the United States.