Science/high-tech, importance and inconveniences

The world today has embraced science and high-tech that have become the order of the day. This has made so many people to be involved in science and high-tech in their daily activities. Based on this fact, we will have to understand the importance of science/high-tech and its inconveniences.

the importance of science/high-tech in our world today

The fact that can’t be refused or rejected is that science/high-tech is very important in our world today. As we move forward and grow in knowledge, we innovate high-tech that help us and facilitate a lot of things for us.
Firstly, one of the importance of high-tech that we can mention is the use of the internet with our cell phones, computer or others gadget. These science/high-tech gadgets are really helpful and beneficial to all mankind. Thanks to science/high-tech, we experience facilities in diverse domains.
The science/high-tech improves our sales, our marketing system, our ways of thinking and it’s so important for communication. The world’s now a small world and we can easily draw nigh to each other thanks to science/high-tech. Even studying is easier now with the help of science/high-tech.
Science/high-tech has touched so many sectors of our daily activities and it is quite impossible to do something without science/high-tech. It has been a major tool in almost every sector of all we do. In a nutshell, the importance of science/high-tech is indisputable.

the inconveniences of science/high-tech in our world today

Can you believe that as important and vital as science/high-tech is to us, it has some inconveniences? Yes, though high-tech has proven itself to be very impressive in a lot of ways, there are some risks in it. One of these is the fact that some use science/high-tech to cause chaos.
People like hackers make use of high-tech to do some illegal activities like hacking banks, confidential documents… These things are bad and unlawful but with the use of science/high-tech, they are able to do them. Some bad-intentioned people use science/high-tech as a cover to do evil.
As good and helpful as high-tech is to us, it presents some fake stuff. The information on some high-tech gadgets sometimes makes us have doubts. The use of science/high-tech also makes us depend fully on high-tech gadgets and forget our old ways of doing things.

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