The organizations that have an international standard

As the human race grows and multiplies, the need of having leaders, even those in the international level become a must. This need brings us to the level of establishing some organizations with an international standard. We will be looking into these in the following lines.

facts about some international organizations we have

The international organization is an organization essentially composed of nations that decide to be a part of the organization. The organization has some norms and rules under which the nations constituting the organization do abide. The United Nations is one of the international organizations.
The United Nations is the world's biggest international organization with a large number of nations participating. This organization was established after the second world war when the first international organization failed in its mission that led to the second world war.
Another international organization is the World Health Organization. This organization also has an international standard and it was established after the United Nations organization. After this, we have the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This organization is equally an international one.
After the second world war, there was a need for nations to come together, become one in order to avoid another war. This is what brings the ideal of international organizations that appears with visions and missions that are for the good of humanity.
To make things easy, these organizations put a governing system in place that conducts things. This system attributes functions to some of the organization's actors and rules to abide on.

the missions of these international organizations

The missions of the international organizations are their reason for creation. The primary mission of the international organizations is to maintain peace in the whole world. Avoid anything that will lead to any kind of war or conflicts and unite all nations of the universe and make use of one.
The secondary mission of the international organizations consists in fighting against viruses or diseases or sickness. Having the World Health Organization is to fight against anything that may want to threaten our health. We can see the example with the present pandemic.
The World Health Organization is striving to find a solution to this pandemic and try to do its mission properly. Another mission is to develop our economy both internal and external.